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The following is a list of possible applications for the EAGLE Multi Function Aerial Flying Platform:


-     Power lines cost effective and safe maintenance, including real-time visual inspection, Thermo-Graphical inspection, X-Ray inspection, Insulator washing, Aerial Marker Ball placement, Fiber Optic Wire installation and much more;


-     Pipe lines patrol and inspection;


-     High-rise buildings facade washing, cleaning and painting;


-     High-rise buildings, television towers, smokestacks, bridges,  and other high-rise structure sites real-time video monitoring;


-     Chemical, biological and radioactive agent detection;


-     High-rise fires video monitoring with real time information downlink;


-     Fire Safety and  First aid Kits high-rise aerial delivery in the case of high-rise fires;


-     Traffic surveillance;


-     Border surveillance;


-     Various military applications including special anti-terrorist operations;


-     Aerial construction.